Santa Sleigh Forest Stamp | Retun Address Personalized Custom | Rubber or Self Inking Christmas Holiday Gift

$ 32.00

Put your stamp on it and showcase what you love! Fly your way to holiday fun with this festive Santa's Sleigh address stamp! Pick between rubber or self-inking to deliver personalized cheer with every letter! Spread the Christmas spirit around like Santa's reindeer with this one-of-a-kind customized stamp!🎅🏼

* Pick your size (inches)
* Wood stamp with laser-engraved design on top
* Love everything but not the fonts? Let work together to make sure you do! We have lots of fonts and happy to find something that works for you.
* Self inking stamp is also available. The size is about 1.55x1.55 inches.

* Fill out the box at checkout to specify the text you would like printed
* A complimentary proof will be sent to you within 24-36 hours via email. You can also request no proof.
* You can also email us at to send your personalized information you would like on the stamp.

Turn around time:
* About 2-4 days once stamp is ordered. We try and get your stamp out ASAP so you can start using or give as a gift!

Thank you! We can't wait to work with you!

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